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The Top 5 Hottest Ways to Suspend Ductwork (That Every Contractor Should Know)

Let’s clear the air.  You’re probably familiar with all the traditional ways you can suspend ductwork—with bands, straps, threaded rod, strut, and beam clamps.  And let’s not forget all those little nuts and washers.  All of these traditional methods work fine.  After all, that’s how it’s always been done, right? 

But what if I told you there were newer, faster, more versatile methods of suspending ductwork that you might not know about?  Methods that can cut ductwork installation time in half?  Methods that can be a breath of fresh air for a contractor trying to get their job done faster and be more competitive?  Methods that are SMACNA verified, Buy American Act compliant, can be easily height adjusted or leveled without tools, and are lightweight & compact for carrying around a job site? 

Read on for the Top 5 Hottest Ways to Suspend Ductwork That Every Contractor Should Know.

Number 1 – For Spiral Duct: HangFast Cable Hanger Kit

If you’re suspending spiral duct, this is hands-down the fastest way to do it.  Gripple’s HangFast (HF) Cable Hanger Kit includes a length of cable, with pre-attached end fixing, and a Gripple fastener.  The most popular end fixing is a Loop end, which allows you to quickly choke it around a beam or bar joist.  But many other cable end fixing options are available for attaching to the structure as well (Stud, 90 Degree Eyelet, etc.). This is the only Gripple Hanger available in five sizes, with safe working loads from 25 lbs all the way up to 715 lbs per hanger.  If you want to adjust or level the duct, a simple Release Key inserted into the fastener makes it easy.  This hanger can be used to hang small spiral duct from a single point, as well as larger spiral duct in a cradle configuration.

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Number 2 – Also for Spiral Duct: Express Hanger Kit

Similar to the HF, this Hanger Kit comes with a length of cable with pre-attached end fixing.  However, the Express (XP) fastener included in this kit has a push-button release.  This feature makes height and leveling adjustments even easier, and doesn’t require a Release Key.  The Gripple Express kit is available in two sizes, with safe working loads of 33 lbs or 100 lbs per hanger.

Spiral Duct Installation feat. XP2 & Loop

Number 3 – For Rectangular Duct: Duct Trapeze Hanger

No question about it, this is THE best way to hang rectangular ductwork, and an absolute game changer for installers. The Duct Trapeze Hanger Kit includes a fastener that attaches directly to the bottom corners of the duct with self-drilling screws.  This can be done on the ground, thus minimizing an installer’s time in the air.  The cable hangers are then inserted through the fasteners to quickly suspend rectangular duct.  The Duct Trapeze features a release pin that allows for fast height and leveling adjustments, and has an optional rubber pad to prevent air leakage and dampen vibration.  This method of hanging completely eliminates the need for threaded rod and bulky strut supports.  And each hanger has a generous safe working load of 100 lbs.

Duct Trapeze | Product Focus

Number 4 – Also for Rectangular Duct: Butterfly Trapeze Hanger

Similar to the awesomeness of the Duct Trapeze, the Butterfly Trapeze fastener included in this Hanger Kit attaches directly to the ductwork with self-drilling screws, but this time it attaches to the sides.  This is ideal if the duct is hanging close to the ceiling, or if it’s not possible to attach to the bottom corners.  It features the same release pin for easy height and leveling adjustments, and the same generous safe working load of 100 lbs per hanger. The Butterfly Trapeze also includes the rubber pad to prevent air leakage and dampen vibration. 

Butterfly Trapeze | Product Focus

Number 5 – For HVAC Systems, Strut Supports, and Pre-Fab Racks: UniGrip Hanger

You’ve never seen a cable hanger like this one.  Like other Gripple cable hangers, the UniGrip Hanger Kit contains a length of cable, with pre-attached end fixing, and a fastener.  The difference is the UniGrip fastener itself, which boasts the highest comparable load ratings of any Gripple cable hanger, has an easy push button release on the top that can be twisted to lock, and comes in 8 variations depending on your suspension application.  The UniGrip Hanger is available in three sizes, ranging from 120 lbs to 550 lbs per hanger.  Perfect for suspending strut or pre-attaching to pre-fab rack frames off-site.


If you haven’t explored one of these newer, faster, more versatile methods of suspending ductwork, it’s definitely worth a try.  Time is money.  And a duct suspension method that saves a lot of time will save a lot of money, and allow a contractor to be more competitive and get onto their next job faster.

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