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Fast Trak Third Generation of Classic Suspension System Launches


A unique product range introduced four years ago has been re-vamped for 2021 with a series of new features making it more versatile, greener, and quicker to install than ever.  Manufacturer, Gripple, has launched an extended range of its Fast Trak suspension system that includes a re-design of the bracket, allowing it to be used with a greater range of accessories and products.

Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated, trapeze suspension solution consisting of vertical tracks and horizontal brackets, making it so much easier and faster for contractors to suspend their electrical containment, pipework, rectangular ductwork and other mechanical services, particularly in restricted spaces.

Mark Kimberley, head of construction products at Gripple Ltd., explains: “Fast Trak has been one of our best-selling products since 2017 and we decided to make it even better based on customer feedback.  

“Saving money and completing a project on time are always key focuses on any project, which is why we have developed a fast-to-install four-sided bracket with suspension points on every face, that can also be suspended in a multi-tier configuration. It is also fire rated, comes with the CE mark, and a 25-year product warranty to provide complete peace of mind.

“Fast Trak can now be used either in conjunction with other Gripple suspension solutions, or even standard strut, accessories, or rod, increasing its versatility. The entire range is BIM-ready and supported by our dedicated technical services department.”

The Fast Trak range was originally launched in 2017, and has since sold nearly 1 million pieces globally. The range includes twin loading and low-profile brackets, a range of conduit clamps,  bracket cover for a discreet finish, and J-Hook to accommodate pipes and cables. Mark adds: “Zero waste and reduced CO2 make this a very attractive product for those forward thinking companies who are also keen to keep costs and resources to a minimum.”

Fast Trak has applications in construction and renovation projects such as high-rise residential, data centers, industrial, retail, office space, healthcare settings, and educational facilities.  

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