Working within the community is far more than a set objective we need to fulfill - it's simply part of who we are. The ethos of giving something back to the community began 30 years ago at Gripple Ltd. in Sheffield, England and continues at all of our overseas sites today.

People Power

Each year, we donate a percentage of our profits to charity, with our internal Charities Team meeting regularly to discuss fundraising events, as well as nominating worthy causes to benefit from future funding. We like to help out wherever we can, often focusing our efforts on charities and other causes that are less publicized and sometimes overlooked.

Another side of the work we do for worthy causes is best described as 'people power' projects, where teams of our people participate in off-site volunteer work, rather than just support by way of a financial donation. Our volunteers find these 'hands on' activities very rewarding as it gives them a chance to use their hidden skills, and they're also great team building activities! 

The Saltine Challenge

During the COVID-19 quarantine period in the spring of 2020, Gripple Inc. still made time for a “virtual” charity event.  Employees who were working from home or in our factory submitted videos of themselves participating in the Saltine Challenge, where they attempted to consume seven saltine crackers in one minute….a task definitely harder than it sounds!  In honor of everyone who submitted a video, Gripple donated a combination of surgical masks and coveted pocket hand sanitizers for the residents at Jennings Terrace in Aurora, IL. In addition, all of the submitted videos were put into one compilation video and shared with the company, giving everyone a good laugh! Click here to view the video. 

"Thank you for donating to our Jennings Terrace residents, Gripple!"


During this very successful charity event at Gripple Inc., a room was filled with over 200 balloons being blown around by fans, and inside each balloon was a slip of paper naming a prize, ranging from a candy bar or $1.00, to a t-shirt or a hat, all the way up to a $50 gift card.  Employees paid to chase down a few balloons, pop them, and collect their prizes.  All proceeds were donated to the Cancer Support Community organization, and a lot of child-like fun was had by all!

Pi Day

In celebration of National Pi Day (the number, not the food), Gripple Inc. held a fundraiser where home-baked slices of various delicious pies were available for purchase, and a very messy Pie Eating Contest was held in the warehouse.  

The contestants (some willing, some not-so-willing), paid a donation to participate.  The Pie Eating Champion won a prize, and was also able to choose the charity that all proceeds would be donated to—the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Other awards could have been “Most Pie Inhaled Up the Nose in a Short Period of Time”, and maybe even “First Person to Have to Take a Sick Day After Eating Dessert”. 

Fundraising Driven By Our People

Our people at Gripple Inc. organize a multitude of events every year in support of our charities and a range of other worthy causes. Events recently have included Bake Sales, 5K Dog Walks, Back-to-School supply donations, Breast Cancer awareness events, activities in support of Red Nose Day, donations for local homeless shelters, a chili cook-off, and coin wars. 

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