Round the Bend Steak House, Ashland,NE

  • Building Type: Restaurant 
  • Main Contractor: Icon Plumbing
  • Building Structure: Steel Beam
  • Services: Piping
“By using the recommended Gripple products Icon Plumbing was only able to save time we also were able to complete the project in record time. I will continue to use Gripple products for all future piping jobs”
Gunther Baker, Owner Icon Plumbing

Icon Plumbing was tasked with a four days restaurant kitchen remodel. Owners of the restaurant did not want any down time closing the facility to remodel. The construction of the remodel was a 24hr project and speed of install was at the highest priority.

Gunther, the owner of Icon Plumbing was presented the challenge of installing the piping. I had talked with Gunther and he has never used Gripple for hanging piping. Gunther could see the advantages of using Gripple piping products and proceeded to use Gripple for this project. By using Gripple we eliminated the labor in cutting


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Universal Bracket, GC2 Pipe Clamp, 90 Degree Eyelet, UniGrip  Threaded Rod, Hardware, Unistrut, Pipe Clamps
Material Cost $2,000 $1,900
Installation time (hr) 100 hours  220 hours 
Labor rate (per hour) $75/hour  $75/hour
Total labor cost  $7,500 $16,500
TOTAL COST  $9,500 $18,400
Tags: Building Services

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