Hebrew Academy

“Easily would have taken all day today to knock out hangers plus I did not have an answer on my elevation so being able to install and change after the fact is awesome.”
Dean Persing, Field Installer, Geauga Mechanical
  • Project Type: School
  • Contractor: Geauga Mechanical 
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: VRF 
  • Products Used: FlexiStak / Fast Trak Tracks / Tapcon Screws
  Gripple Solution Traditional Method 
Overview  FlexiStak, Fast Trak Tracks, Tapcon Screws  Beam Clamps, 3/8" Threaded Rod, 3/8" nuts, Tear drop hangers, 6' UniStrut
Material Cost  $328.50 $1,260.75
Installation time  3 hours / 2 installers 16 hours / 2 installers 
Labor rater (per hour)  $50 / hour  $50 / hour 
Total labor cost $300  $1,600
TOTAL COST  $628.50 $2,860.75 
Tags: Building Services, Landscaping & Nurseries

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