Groundscape, Valley, Nebraska

  • Building Structure: Metal Beams
  • Main Contractor: Electrical Contractors Inc. out of Omaha, Nebraska
  • Services: Electrical 
  • Gripple Products used: Cable Strut and UniGrip

For this project, Electrical Contractors Inc. was tasked with installing a suspended lighting system and conduit in a new 44,000 square foot luxury landscaping facility for Groundscapes, a luxury landscaping facility in the Midwest.
Due to the installation requirements of the unique suspended lighting system, using traditional materials would have greatly increased installation time and cost.
Prior to this job, the contractor had experience with the easy installation of Gripple products on various projects in Nebraska. So when searching for a time saving and cost effective option, Gripple was the go-to solution. Using Gripple products such as Cable Strut and UniGrip, the project stayed on track with a 50% reduction in time savings.
The Gripple solution was a quicker alternative than installing threaded rod and clamps, cutting the installation time down by 200 hours. At the end of the project there was a total of $21,000 in material and labor savings.

Tags: Building Services

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