Golden Triangle

LC Electric used Gripple Cable Strut to suspend 400 light fixtures in their warehouse.

  • Building Type: Warehouse
  • Main Contractor: LC Electric
  • Building Structure: Bar Joist & I Beams
  • Services: Cable Strut 
“We were able to install our Gripple Cable Strut in 1 day as opposed to 11 days doing it with all thread and strut. That’s amazing!”
Ramon Simpson, Field Superintendent

For this project, LC Electric was tasked with installing a suspended lighting system in the new 652,000 square foot ‘Golden Triangle’ logistics center in Henderson, Nevada. Originally the contractor was going to use channel strut to span between bar joists
and threaded rod to suspend the light fixtures. They had planned 11 days to install 400 light fixtures.

When searching for a more time saving and cost effective option, Gripple was the go-to solution. With the Cable Strut kit solution they were able to complete the entire project 90% faster than the traditional method.


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Cable Strut & C-Clip Catenary Kit   3/8" threaded rod & strut 
Material Cost  $12,000 $16,000
Installation time (hr) 1 day  11 days planned 
Labor rate (per hour) $65 $40
Total labor cost $1,300 $11,440
TOTAL COST  $13,300 $27,440 
Tags: Building Services

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