DOV Spicer City

The Gripple GP90 was used on this overhead DOV (Dried on Vine) system to help solve the weak points created by the traditional method. The 15,000 units used strengthened the system overall and to help prevent the weak points created by traditional knotting.

  • Location: Spicer City, California 
  • Type of Business: Raisins 
  • Application: Overhead System
  • Gripple Products used: 15,000 units installed 

The customer was looking for a solution that was fast, easy and strong to replace the traditional method used on the overhead systems. The traditional method wrapped the cable in a knot at the end of each run. This method took a lot of time and created a weak point in the wires. This led to massive failures under extreme crop loads. The Gripple GP90 was the perfect solution for the overhead system. The GP90 offered the speed, strength, and simple installation that the customer was looking for. This solution no longer compromised the integrity of the cable at the knot and allowed the cable to maintain it’s strength. Prior to this job, the customer had some experience using GP Mediums throughout the system. Now having experience using the GP90, it will be used on all DOV (Dried on Vine) systems moving forward.


Tags: Agriculture

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