Berkeley Electric Cooperative, South Carolina

The contractor was tasked with installing various line of conduit. The highlight of the project was the versatility and efficient use of space of that the Fast Trak system provided versus the traditional method.

  • Location: Monck’s Corner, South Carolina
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Main Contractor: HR Allen
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Electrical

The contractor, HR Allen, was tasked with installing conduit starting from 4 lines up to 13 lines at once. The challenge of having various line quantities made the Gripple Fast Trak system the perfect solution for suspending conduit. The Fast Trak system ranges from 9 inch to 61 inch brackets. The Fast Trak system offered the speed, versatility, and efficient use of space that the contractor needed. Prior to this job, the contractor had no experience with Gripple products.

They found that not only were the products easy to install but also very advantageous when it came to labor savings. The Fast Trak system was 6.5x faster than threaded rod and clamps, saving the contractor 85 hours in installation time. 


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Trak 3/8 Threaded rod & strut 
Material Cost  $2,676 $4,722
Installation time  15 hours 100
Labor rate (per hour) $45/hour $45/hour
Total labor cost  $675 $4,500
TOTAL COST $3,351 $9,222
Tags: Building Services

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