Vestas, Bavla, Ahmedabad

Vestas India manufactures Wind Turbines that generate energy. This specific site in Bavla, India is the location of the blade manufaturing for the company. Gripple’s Standard Hanger with the Loop end fixing was used to suspend lighting across the 10,000 square metre site.

  • Building type: Industrial
  • Main Contractor: Kruti Power
  • Application: Lighting

Vestas has been delivering sustainable energy in India since 1997 and have world-class manufacturing facilities throughout the country. The facility in Bavla is used to make the blades of the wind turbines and Gripple was chosen here to suspend lighting throughout.

The contractor, Pratibha Engineering, chose Gripple due to the aesthetically pleasing design of the Standard Hanger, the strength of it and the ease of installation. The Hanger is supplied in ready-to-use kits which made the suspension of lighting across the 10,000 sq. metre building far quicker than traditional methods.

On-site support from a Gripple representative throughout the project helped to ensure the products were being used in the correct way and aided in the projects on time completion.

The Gripple Standard Hanger is up to 6 times faster than the traditional threaded rod and slotted channel methods. It also requires no tools or ‘hot works’ permit thereby maximising health and safety on-site.

Overall, by using the Gripple Standard Hanger with the Loop end fixing, the contractor saved 20 hours of work and a total of 32,500 INR.

“Gripple is a very good product and the duct installed very easily. Also the installation looks good.”

- Mr. Naveen, Project Engineer, Pratibha Engineering -

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