Sula Wine Vineyards, Nashik

Founded in 1999, Sula Wine Vineyards is part of India’s premier wine-growing region with 80% of India’s wine being produced here.

“What I have observed during trials is that the traditional system takes 8 to 10 days for installation in 1 acre, whereas the Gripple system did it very easily in just 2 days.”
Raman, General Manager, Sula Wines Dindori

Spread over a total of over 3000 acres, Sula’s owned and contracted vineyards are home to some of India’s finest grapes and this site hosts some of the latest in viticulture innovation and technology.

Sula Wines opted for Gripple’s Vineyard Solution based on the fact that the system is easier and quicker to install, with no extra efforts being required when using the system. The system is easy enough for one person to install on their own, especially if they have access to the right tools. The use of a Petrol Driver on this project allowed for reduced installation times on the Trellis Posts. The Torq Tensioning Tool controlled the load applied to the wire, giving consistent tension every time and optimising the life of the wire, is important to Sula as they require consistency across their Vineyards.

Sula highlighted when they’d used the traditional system in the past they had many issues with it as they could not always get the wire height precise across the site, along with adjusting the wire being a labour intensive job.

If traditional methods had been used on this project it would have taken 8 to 10 days per acre to install the trellising system, whereas the Gripple system reduced installation times down to 2 days per acre.

Sula Wines | Nasik | India
Tags: Agriculture

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