Amazon, BOM1 Fulfilment Centre

Amazon fulfilment centre, BOM1 has recently gone through a refurbishment. A large part of it included a refresh to all their electrical services. 

“To complete an installation like this in the required time frame, you need innovative products like the Y-Fit - they don’t just help with time but they reduce overall project costs too”
Mr. Nilesh, Site Engineer, ElectroMech Infra Projects


Building type: Industrial
Building size: 4000.sqm
Consultant: Structwell
MEP Contractor: ElectroMech Infra Projects
Application: Electrical


When Amazon decided to refurbish its first fulfilment centre in Mumbai, the main challenge was to remove the existing installation and replace it with new services in a tight time frame.

As time was the main concern, ElectroMech decided to go with the Gripple solution as it removed the need to drill into the Purlins, which would be the case if using rod and strut. The Gripple solution enabled them to save 19 weeks in total on the installation.

As a result of the time saving, labour costs were also reducing, meaning significant overall savings on the project. A great job and some fantastic problem solving by ElectroMesh and everyone involved. See the financial breakdown in the PDF.

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