Pacific Mall, Jasola

The 12000 sq/mtr, two basement 5-floor commercial project is estimated to open in quarter two of 2022. It will house national and local brand shops, restaurants, a 10 screen cinema and much more. The site aims to connect the area to the larger community and become a hub of trade.

Building type: Commercial 
Consultant: Sanelac Consultant
MEP Contractor: Harcomp Airflex Pvt.Ltd
Application: HVAC


The Shopping Centres Association of India (SCAI), a NPO (non-profit organisation) has green-lit this project to
stimulate and engage the area so it can develop into a highlight of Jasola. SCAI will play an anchor’s role in the evolution of the shopping centre, helping it merge into the larger society as an institution of importance.

The 12000 sq/mtr, two basement 5-floor project is estimated to open in quarter two of 2022. A project of this
size relies on innovative solutions to save time and money.

Gripple was chosen to suspend ductwork, the fast installation time had great knock-on effects for the rest of the project. This choice allowed Harcomp Airflex Pvt.Ltd to stick to the wider project schedule and even save 20 hours, whilst also delivering a high-quality, secure finish.

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