Underground Buoyancy Anchoring - How It Works

Whether you are installing a conduit bank that will be secured using concrete pour or a pipeline that will lay in trenches at risk of high water tables, Gripple’s Underground Buoyancy Anchoring kit is the perfect solution to prevent all uplift in any MEP services which are at risk of flotation. Simply drive the Underground Buoyancy Anchor into the ground, attach to the conduit bank in whichever way is most suitable and secure using the D3 Lockable Plus.

Each installation can provide full ‘peace of mind’ as Gripple engineers can use the Underground Buoyancy Calculator to take each unique project’s details (conduit area, conduit length and soil type) and recommend the best value-engineered solution to handle any upwards forces.

As the kit is a lightweight solution, reducing the materials required and therefore the logistical commitments for an installation, the project’s embodied CO2 usage is minimised.