Drive Rod

A quick and simple means of ground anchor installation.

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High strength rod specifically engineered for easy installation of anchors. Designed to be robust for re-use.

  • Purpose-engineered for toughness and durability
  • Capable of penetrating the toughest soil
  • Features specific head profiles to match anchors


Why use Gripple?

  • Significant time and cost savings on your project.
  • Aesthetic solutions for greener environments.
  • A lightweight system which minimises health and safety concerns.
  • Innovative, patented solutions designed by an in-house team of engineers.
  • Considerable reductions in packaging, vehicle movements and embodied CO2.
  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team.

Suitable for driving TLA2 upto 1 m depth


Pack Size 1

Suitable for driving TLA2 upto 1.5 m depth


Pack Size 1

Suitable for driving TLA3 & TLA4 upto 1 m depth


Pack Size 1

Suitable for driving TLA3 & TLA4 upto 1.5 m depth


Pack Size 1

Suitable for driving TLA5 upto 5 m depth with excavator


Pack Size 1

Suitable for driving TLA5 upto 5 m depth with Jackhammer


Pack Size 1

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