Under One Roof, Squamish, British Columbia

The new ‘Under One Roof’ mixed-use 9,000 sq.ft facility will offer the Squamish community improved and centralized access to food, shelter and support services. Gripple supplied Fast Trak™ and QT Compact Clamps on this project for the suspension of all piping.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                        102 HOURS
  • Building Type: Self Storage Facility
  • Main Contractor: Penalta
  • MEP Contractor: Medwin Mechanical
  • Building Structure: Medwin Mechanical
  • Services: HVAC

The District of Squamish and Squamish Helping Hands Society are working in partnership with BC Housing to create a new “Under One Roof’ facility that will offer the Squamish community improved and centralized access to food, shelter and support services. The 9,000 sq. ft building is spread over 6 floors with 45 residential units.

Gripple was chosen by the Contractor for the suspension of the piping throughout the building, the speed of installation enabled JQ Mechanical to complete the project on time. Before Gripple products could be installed they had to be approved by the Consultant and Project Owner – this didn’t cause any delays to the installation process, as Gripple was able to provide the relevant documents and product approvals for the products.

This project was the first one in Canada to benefit from using Fast Trak™. It was installed throughout the project as it is a prefabricated rigid support solution, arriving on site in easy to carry packs, labelled up with the exact floor and location for installation.

The system is up to six times faster to install than traditional suspension systems. It is a complete, off-site solution that minimizes health and safety concerns, along with zero waste due to the tracks bending neatly under the bracket. Gripple’s QT Compact Clamps were installed onto the Fast Trak™ brackets as they are ideal for applications where space is restricted, the quarter-turn attachment to the bracket is quick and easy.

The Contractor saved 102 hours in total due the quick installation which equated to an overall saving of $6,160.

“For our long straight runs nothing beats Fast Trak™. We will be using it on all of our future piping jobs. Also, Gripple provided the best customer service I have ever had from a vendor.”
Jamie Cook, PM, JQ Mechanical 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Trak™, Low Profile Bracket, QT Compact Clamp Rod, strut, pipe clamps
Material cost $6,600 $3,400
Installation time 22 hours 124 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $60 $60
Total labour cost $1,320 $7,480
Total cost $7,920 $10,880

*Figure based on one installer working for eight hours a day

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