New Horizon Mall, Alberta

The New Horizon Mall is an Asian-themed mall in Balzac, Alberta Canada.

  • Building Type: Shopping Centre
  • Contractor: Arpi's Industries
  • Services: HVAC

The mall features 500 retail units, a main stage to host events and a food court with seating for over 300 shoppers. The Gripple products used were; the Metal Deck Insert (MDI) and Duct Trapeze (DT2) for square duct and Standard Hangers No. 2 (HF2) and No.3 (HF3) for oval duct. The contractor, Arpi’s Industries, used Gripple products to install all the HVAC in this multi-floored mall. Prior to this job, the contractor had no experience using Gripple products but has noted that Gripple was very beneficial to them. By using Gripple products the contractor noticed how great the finished look was and how the speed of installation vastly increased.

“The finished product has a superior finish compared to threaded rod and strut for square duct. The speed of the Swivel Toggle Hanger is the fastest out there. The product is packaged and labelled nicely, making it easier on us. ”
Scott Ramsay, Site Forman

Tags: Building Services

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