CHUM Hospital (HVAC), Montreal, Quebec

Gripple’s Duct Trapeze and Express hanger proved to be ideal for the suspension of the Spiral and Square Duct at the CHUM Hospital in Montreal due to its flexibility and speed of installation. Both systems are designed with a clever, keyless release mechanism to allow for easy rapid adjustments of the ductwork.

                      TIME SAVINGS 
                        2300 HOURS 
  • Building Type: Medical
  • Consultant: Design Build/Pageau Morel
  • Main Contractor: Pomerleau
  • MEP Contractor: BATIVAC
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: HVAC

The Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM Hospital) in Montreal, Quebec is one of two major healthcare networks in the city. It is a teaching institution affiliated with the French-language Université de Montréal and is one of the largest hospitals in Canada. The hospital provides over 349,000m² floor space and delivers 772 single-bed rooms.

The 22-storey concrete building is a design and build a hospital project and has LEED silver level status.

For this project, Gripple was asked to supply the suspension kits for ductwork across the building. The biggest challenge this project faced was the tight void spaces and overcrowding with the other services meant cable was ideal as it provided a flexible suspension solution during the installation process, which became rigid once fully installed.

The logistic side of on-site handling the Duct Trapeze and Express hanger kits was a huge bonus to the contractor as they benefitted from having thousands of cables/ supports in a singular box making it easier to move fewer parts around the site, along with reducing the load on the building structure.

With various duct sizes been installed across the project the use of Gripple systems accommodated for each piece of duct, along with allowing the contractor to order two Gripple part-codes rather than multiple different traditional parts.

Both cable bracing kits are load rated at 45 kg with a 5:1 safety factor and are up to 6 times faster to install than traditional methods.

“The material handling was very important to me on this project because we have several floors and the site takes a long time to get around. With Gripple, we carry a couple of boxes and can hang several hundred hangers per day. Easy to accept delivery and takes half the manpower to install. I also can install my hangers’ way in advance as cable does not bend.”
Jean-Guy Malette, Foreman, BATIVAC 

  Gripple solution  Traditional method 
Overview  Express with 90º Eyelet, Duct Trapeze with 90º Eyelet Rod 3/8’’, Nuts, bolts, washers, separate anchors, unistrut & half-moons
Material cost $168,000 $224,000
Installation time  2,900 hours 5,200 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $60 $60
Total labour cost $174,000 $312,000
Total cost $342,000 $536,000
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