Halwell Mutual Insurance Company, Guelph, Ontario

The Halwell Mutual Insurance Company is located in Ontario, Canada. 

  • Building Type: Office
  • Contractor: Velocity Mechanical
  • Services: Piping

Halwell Mutual Insurance Company was constructing a 14,500 square foot head office located in phase one of the Hanlon Creek Business Park in Guelph, Ontario. The contractor, Velocity Mechanical, used the following Gripple products on this job: Duct Trapeze and Pipe Bracket. This project also utilized Gripple’s Technical Services Department to provide take-off services. They recommended which Gripple products to use, estimated the number of hangers needed and provided total cost. The contractor mentioned how important it was to have an aesthetically pleasing suspension system because of the open concept office. Gripple Cable Hangers made it look as if the duct work was floating. Gripple products benefited this project due to increased speed of installation, reduction of prep work and less materials being used, especially for suspending piping.

“Aesthetically pleasing and ideal in an open concept space. The owner was very particular about exposing the duct work and piping in open spaces where wood beams could be seen. The Duct Trapeze is hardly recognizable and it looks as if the square duct is floating. There was a small learning curve with the Pipe Bracket, however, once familiar with the product, the speed and minimal requirements to suspend pipe were definitely positive.”
Tony Azevedo, Foreman

Tags: Building Services

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