Half Moon Bay Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

On the Half Moon Bay project, the contractor estimated that using Gripple Rod Stiffeners for bracing the threaded rod, rather than a traditional strut system, saved a total of 5-6 hours of labour.

  • Building Type: School
  • Contractor: City Wye’d Electric Ltd.
  • Services: Electrical

This contractor had limited experience with Gripple cable hangers, seismic braces, and other Gripple products prior to this job. Traditionally, when services are suspended with threaded rod, one of the methods of bracing the rod in conformance with seismic bracing specifications would involve using strut, cut to the appropriate lengths, and securing it to the rod using clamps. However, on this job, Gripple’s Rod Stiffener product was used. It’s a significantly lighter-weight alternative to strut, and requires no tools to install since the Rod Stiffener pieces simply ‘twist fit’ together over the threaded rod.

“We saved about 5-6 hours of typical prep time by using the Gripple Rod Stiffener over a traditional strut system.”
Frank, Site Foreman

Tags: Building Services, Seismic Bracing

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