Edmonton Board of Education, Alberta

This project was an installation of light fixtures in one room of a school, in which the open concept / exposed roof space had already been fire sprayed.

  • Building Type: School
  • Contractor: Chermik
  • Services: Electrical/ Lighting

The traditional method of installing light fixtures in this room would have required getting there before the fire-stop was sprayed. But since the project was turned over to the contractor after the fire-stopping, the method used to hang the light fixtures would have required installing strut between the beams, then suspending the lights from chains hanging down from the strut. The contractor, Chermik, had zero experience with Gripple products before this project. They chose the Gripple Cable Strut system to suspend the light fixtures, which provided the benefit of speed by reducing the time spent to install one light fixture from 20 minutes to under 5 minutes. In addition, instead of needing to install strut between the beams, the unobtrusive horizontal Cable Strut span went up quickly without tools, and allowed a versatile suspension point for the light fixtures, exactly where needed, with C-Clip Hangers attached to the Cable Strut run.

“By using the Cable Strut system, the average install of lights went from 20 minutes a light to under 5 minutes. This was the fastest install I have ever done!”
Lewis LaRiviere, Foreman

Tags: Building Services

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  • A range of support services at every stage of your project, provided by a dedicated technical team