Department of Finance, Ottawa, Ontario

The Department of Finance, Canada is located in downtown Ottawa.

  • Building Type: Offices
  • Contractor: Dilfo Mechanical Ltd
  • Services: HVAC

The Department of Finance headquarters is in the L’Esplanade Laurier building which is an office complex that consists of two towers standing 289 feet tall.

During the latest renovation, the contractors used a cast in place solution for hanging HVAC services. This allowed the contractors to place the Spider hangers before the concrete was poured. Over 15,000 Spider Inserts were used on this job, along with the Swivel Toggle end fixing. Each hanger provides a SWL up to 200 lbs. Once the Spider Inserts and Swivel Toggles were in place the contractors used the Duct Trapeze Fastener to suspend the rectangular ductwork.

Tags: Building Services

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