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Self-sealing anchoring system for the security of geomembranes; prevents membrane movement in uplift or draw down applications.

Enquire about a Liner-Lock site trial: j.butterworth@gripple.com

  • Strong – ‘locks’ into the engineering properties of the substrate, providing resistance to external forces
  • Innovative – effectively replaces trenching and sand-bags
  • Durable – constructed with inert/chemical resistant materials for long lifetime in most conditions
  • Self-sealing – clamps around membrane, reducing the need for welds
  • Resistant – two part system can be fixed around the membrane with two or four points, delivering high clamping force and resistance to ingress
  • Multi-use – can be used for puncture repairs
  • Compatible – capstan ‘tie-off’ feature allows the connection of other units in a larger grid across the site and other geosynthetics e.g. geocells, to eliminate sliding
  • Sleek – smooth design reduces risk of membrane puncture or external damage
  • Safe – metal edges are fully covered by plastic
  • Versatile – can be used with a wide range of geosynthetics and membranes
  • Effective – increases slope stability through anchorages in the soil
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Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control



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Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control
Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control

Gripple is renowned for providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for erosion control and soil stabilisation applications. The Terra-Lock® System is designed to provide immediate stabilization, requires no crimping and is accompanied by a range of installation tools. Supplied in combinations of Terra-Lock® Anchors, Terra-Lock® terminations and cable lengths, kits are pre-assembled and specific to the project requirements and geotechnical conditions, ensuring considerable time and labor savings on your install.

The Terra-Lock® System has been designed specifically to secure TRM & HPTRM matting, while also aiding vegetation re-growth; anchors provide drive efficiency and maximum load capacity across a range of ground anchoring solutions.

The TL-P1™ is a high load anchoring pin, designed to hold all types of turf reinforcement matting and erosion blankets. The pin is up to ten times quicker to install than traditional pins and stakes and ensures close contact between the matting and soil.

Already in use on projects across the world, you can view our latest case studies below.

Gripple have been awarded the Queens Award