Hellaby Works

Hellaby Works is the UK’s 2nd largest zinc die-casting facility and is home to:

  • Frech die-casting machines
  • Lama die-casting machines
  • Wash and rumble plant
  • CNC indexer machine

Hellaby Works

Unit 10 Braithwell Way
S66 8QY

Discover Hellaby Works – The UK’s 2nd largest zinc die-casting site

Our Gripple Hellaby Works plant is responsible for the die-cast production of over 100 varieties of Gripple housing’s which are used to produce our wire joiners and tensioners.

This 22,000 sq. ft. site produces an average of 1.6 million die-cast products every week and consumes as much as 2,000 tonnes of zinc each year.


Production & Technology On Site:

We have invested in a range of industry leading manufacturing technology for our Hellaby Works plant in order to maximise production efficiencies, including:

  • Multi-spindal CNC machine
  • Robot cells on die-cast machines, auto upload and clipping
  • In-house tooling/engineering capability


Products Produced On Site Include: 

100+ varieties of zinc housings

Zinc housings are used in the majority of Gripple wire joiners and tensioners.

Production Capacity:

Up to 104 million units per year

Gripple Hanger No.3 Unit Rotated

Environmental Measures In Place:

Minimising our environmental impact is important to us at Gripple which is why our Hellaby Works plant has invested in:

  • 95% LEDs throughout the site
  • 95% Zinc waste is recycled – (remelted)
  • State-of-the-art energy saving software reducing energy usage by up to 10% in our die-casting machines

Quality Measures In Place:

Quality is at the forefront of our manufacturing process at Gripple. We understand how important this is to you which is why we have made a significant investment in:

  • Porosity testing to verify product density for each cavity 
  • Hourly gauge checks
  • GCS hourly function checks and batch destruction