Siddhesh Kanvinde
I joined Gripple in 2016 and work closely between Consultants and the sales team to ensure that Gripple is specified in projects at the design stage. I am also a GLIDE representative.
Siddhesh Kanvinde, Area Technical Manager - West

Siddhesh Kanvinde

Siddhesh joined Gripple is 2016 and is the Area Technical Manager for the West region at Gripple India. Siddhesh is also a GLIDE Representative and is an advocate for the India team at the GLIDE board meetings and helps share the GLIDE values across the Indian team.

How long have you worked at Gripple?

Nearly 4 years now since 2016.

What does your job involve?

  • Meeting MEP Consultants (HVAC, electrical and fire fighting) and conducting presentations.
  • Discussing advantages of Gripple systems and get Gripple specified in projects at the design stage.
  • Share leads with the sales team ensuring Gripple is supplied.

Favourite part of your job and why?

It gives me an opportunity to meet various people from industry. I get immense exposure to understand the market and making my profile dynamic.

Share something about yourself people may not know?

People may not know that I have a keen interest in history and geo-politics. I love playing Tabla (Indian musical instrument) as well.

Do you have the Gripple spirit?

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