Kerala State Transport Project

The Terra-Lock system was used on the KST project to protect the slopes from further erosion and movement

  • Consultant - EGIS
  • Main contractor - Akshaya Builders
  • Gripple Terra-Lock™ System - TL100-A3, TL100-A2, GMAT C-350, TLP2
  • Application - Slope Stability and Erosion Control

An upcoming road project between Thavalam – Mulli in the state of Kerala faced many difficulties due to the mountainous terrain it passes through. Limited Right of Way (ROW) meant large steep cuts needed to be stabilized and held back from the utility zone. A lack of protection on the cut slopes meant they were susceptible to weathering, erosion and growing instability.

Gripple was asked by the main contractor Akshaya builders and the client KSTP to propose an alternative economical solution vis-à-vis traditional methods.

Slope stability calculations were carried out for the varying slope profiles, to ensure the correct and most cost-effective solution. Gripple’s Terra-Lock™ system, consisting of, TL-100-TL-A2 and TL-A3, GMAT-C-350 and TLP2 was proposed to protect the slopes. Considering the inadequate soil strength along with the tall heights and steep slopes at some locations, conventional soil nails and drapery mesh was also proposed in combination with Gripple’s Terra-Lock™ system, making it a site-specific suitable solution.

Gripple’s Terra-Lock™ system is an innovative method of controlling heavy erosion and slope stability, which creates a sustainable and durable green structure by reinforcing nature and promoting vegetation. It allows for fast and easy installation even on steep slopes due to the usage of lightweight equipment. It can also be used in combination with conventional slope stability solution on steepened slopes of Disturbed rock mass.

Tags: Civil Construction

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