The Power Of One.

CombiCable revolutionizes lighting suspension. A combined suspension and power supply for lighting, CombiCable has been designed for sleek visuals and simple installation.

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CombiCable – Combined lighting suspension and power supply in one

CombiCable™ is a combined 5 core power supply and mechanical support system, integrated together to disguise the mechanical support. Utilizing a wire rope core, the 5-core cable safely transfers the weight of the luminaire to the ceiling.

This innovative solution is supplied as a pre-stripped length of 5 core cable attached to a 7/8” fixture insert, and includes a low profile canopy assembly with strain relief and crossbar. Each CombiCable™ kit contains everything required to suspend a luminaire of up to 17lbs (more with secondary supports) to a standard junction box.

Patent Pending


Safe Working Load: Safety Factor: Voltage Rating: Temperature Rating: Cable Configuration: Cable Flammability:
17 1/2 lb 4:1 300V 176°F 5 core + metal support member VW-1



  • Aesthetic – Fully integrated load bearing cable for a neat and professional installation
  • Simple - Single point luminaire entry, pre-assembled and pre stripped ends
  • Integrated – A ready to use kit with all components needed to go from ceiling to luminaire
  • Compatible – Fits a 7/8" luminaire knockout & 4" fixture rated outlet box
  • Safe – Supports 17 1/2 lbs at 4:1 safety factor, with UL 62, UL 1598, and CSA approval


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