SSENSE Montreal, Quebec





  • Building type - Industrial
  • General Contractor - JCB
  • Contractor - Simpkin Electrical
  • Services - Lighting


SSENSE is a Montreal-based fashion platform that serves over 150 countries on a global scale. The Canadian HQ is based in a former textiles factory and the recent project to update and modernise it with a high-quality industrial finish was a huge success.

The original plan for SSENSE was to use traditional methods of chain and J-brackets to suspended lighting however, the installation time didn’t allow for them to meet their deadline.

We needed the flexibility to make adjustments as we progressed so, we had to make a change and that’s where Gripple helped- Eric Canuel, Foreman, Simpkin Electrical

Gripple wire ropes could be quickly installed and worked around whilst allowing for immediate adjustments. The quick-release button on the Express 2 and the ease of using wire rope was a combination that saved 9 days of work on site.

Tags: Building Services

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