New Academic Pavilion St-Jean Garrison (Lighting), St. Jean-sur-Richilieu, Quebec

The new three-storey $77-million academic pavilion forms part of a new construction for the Canadian Defence. Gripple supplied the Catenary Kits and Express hangers on this project for the suspension of all lighting.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                       742 HOURS
  • Building Type: Institutional 
  • Consultant: AECOM
  • Main Contractor: Pomerleau
  • MEP Contractor: R.G.F. Electrique
  • Building Structure: Steel Structure
  • Services: Lighting

The Saint-Jean Garrison is located in Quebec and has constructed a pavilion for the Canadian Forces. The three-storey 18,000m2 building will welcome new recruits and officer candidates for training in modern facilities.

The building is constructed from metal deck and Gripple was chosen by the Contractor for the suspension of the light fixtures, due to there being a delay on site so the project needed to be completed on time. Along with stock levels of traditional methods proving difficult to manage and move around the site.

This project used the Gripple’s Catenary Kit to create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire rope between two fixing points – this was ideal as there were no direct anchor point available. The Contractor on this project was focussed on the reduction of material handling, and the Catenary Kit enabled them to easily move the system around, along with reducing the load on the building structure.

The Gripple Express No.2 hanger was suspended from the Catenary Kit using the C-Clip – which is a twist-on device for hanging anywhere along catenary wires. The Express hanger was ideal for this project, as it arrived to the site as a ready-to-use kit and eliminated the need for preparing traditional methods on-site. The ergonomic button allowed for rapid adjustment, along with being up to 6 times faster to install when compared to traditional methods.

The Contractor saved 742 hours in total due the quick installation time which equated to a $48,639 saving overall.

“Material handling is very important to me on this site because it’s a real challenge to stock and pack everything into the lift at once. We used Gripple because the steel structure is very high so having compact Gripple boxes with all material inside vs Unistrut and rod makes it a lot easier to install and a lot faster. Less trips to go up and down to transport material = triple the savings for this application.”
Lucas Dubuc, Foreman, R.G.F. Electrique 

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview GS 12 kits, Express No.1 Rigid bracing, Jack Chain
Material cost $24,000 $8,000
Installation time 20 hours  384 hours
Labour rate (per hour) Electrical: $60.00, Mechanical: $50 Electrical: $60.00, Mechanical: $50
Total labour cost $2,560 $20,160
Total cost $26,560 $28,160

*Figure based on one installer working for eight hours a day

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