Ailes de Modes Centre Eaton, Montreal, Quebec

Angel hangers were used on this renovation project for the suspension of track lighting. The Contractor chose Gripple as it offers an aesthetic look and fast installation time to help them meet the project deadline.

                     TIME SAVINGS
                        75 HOURS
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Consultant: Pageau Morel
  • Main Contractor: Brocollini
  • MEP Contractor: Britton Electrique
  • Building Structure: Concrete
  • Services: Track Lighting

This refurbishment project on the 30,000 sq.ft commercial property required a solution for hanging track lighting. In total there were 750 hanging points.

Traditionally threaded rod would be used but the Contractor wanted a more aesthetically pleasing solution and needed to install quickly to meet the project deadline. The Contractor liked the appearance of the cable on the hanging kit as it is straight when the tracks are hanging, unlike threaded rod which can be bent out of shape.

In addition to these benefits, the Contractor also liked the fact that Gripple solutions are easy to handle on-site. They are lightweight and are delivered in ready-to-use kits in boxes that are easy to store and move around the site.

The Angel hanger was chosen as the most suitable solution as it is designed especially for architectural lighting suspensions, signage, acoustic baffles and all other installations where aesthetics are important. The contemporary design complements the overall suspension and it has a variety of feet fixings to enable attachment to different fixing points.

“The main benefit of Gripple is that we do not need to stop production to cut material. I have one guy doing the hangers and another installing the Angel onto the tracks at ground level”

Francis Beauchamp, Foreman, Britton Electrique

  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview AL1-SF14-LG-5FT-CWHQ 1/4” threaded rod, nuts, bolts, washers, separate anchors
Material cost $4,321.50 $2,625
Installation time 25 Hours  100 hours
Labour rate (per hour) $60 $60
Total labour cost $1,500 $6,000
Total cost $5,821.50 $8,625
Tags: Building Services

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