Tupper Condos, Square Children, Montréal, Québec







  • Building type - Heavy Residential - Condos
  • General Contractor - Edyfic
  • Engineer - Blondin Fortin Associates engineers
  • Contractor - Group SCV 
  • Services - HVAC

Located in Square Children in downtown Montreal, Tupper Condos sit in the heart of the luxury development and as such require a quality finish all around. Gripple products were used to suspend various equipment and filtration systems throughout the 56-floor project.

A Gripple solution was chosen as contractors could install all cables before any equipment had arrived on site and they could later finish the installations in and around Gripple products whereas traditional chains would have been difficult to assemble around. Furthermore, Gripple products came in kit boxes meaning transport and adjustments were made much simpler for the contractors and reduced labour times.

Groupe SCV used Gripple Duct Trapeze hangers on the two towers due to the lack of assembly on-site required, the lightweight products and the versatility they added to the project.

Tags: Building Services

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