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Patented dual wedge technology. Supercharged.

UniGrip's patented 'superwedges' deliver greater contact between the gripping mechanism and the wire.

The result?

Market leading load ratings.
Simplified adjustment
Unrivalled factors of safety.

Market-leading load ratings

We challenged our engineers to break 
new ground.

Now, UniGrip leaves the competition behind with best-in-class load ratings and 
factors of safety.

Advanced adjustment. Visually secure.

New user-focused functionality allows for visual security checks and 
simplified adjustment.

Unmatched Versatility

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"The most complete wire rope based solution 
we've ever provided"

Glenn Bills

Head of Product Management

Hear from the experts

Glenn Bills
on the customer engagement that inspired a next generation solution.

Lee Giemza
on the design engineering undertaken to achieve market leading performance.

Darren Beardsmore
on the bespoke-build automated machine raising quality standards on UniGrip production.

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Gripple have been awarded the Queens Award