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(PV) Photovoltaic Bracing Kit

The PV Bracing Kit for ground-mount photovoltaic (PV) racking that allows wire to be tensioned and held against active forces, such as; strong winds, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction.

  • Strong – protects against active forces such as; strong winds, storms, earthquakes and temperature expansion/contraction, eliminating torsion, tension and compression issues
  • Lightweight – replaces heavy steelwork framing and several kits can be carried at once
  • Robust – improves structural integrity and maintains tilt angles by reducing the racking system’s ability to bend, twist and fl ex, especially in looser soils
  • Safe – increased factor of safety, realigns misshapen posts and reduces panel sliding
  • Versatile – can be utilised on steep slope and ballast installations due to increased resistance to sliding forces
  • ‘Green’ – reduced carbon footprint using very little material
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(PV) Photovoltaic Bracing Kit Downloads

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