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Catenary Kit

Designed specifically for catenary installations or bracing applications. 

Available in ‘light duty’ and ‘heavy duty’ options: -

  • The light duty 3 mm Catenary solution is ideal for suspending lightweight electrical services, ductwork and signage – up to 30 kg per span
  • The heavy duty 6 mm Catenary solution is perfect for suspending M&E or HVAC services, or where a long Catenary is required – up to 100 kg per span
  • Supplied as complete, ready-to-use kits, including galvanised wire rope cut to bespoke lengths, a hex locking key and release key
  • Fast installation, reducing time spent working at height
  • Locking mechanisms in the Gripple fastener to prevent dynamic movements
  • Visually discreet
  • Easily tensioned using the Gripple Catenary tensioning tool (6 mm only)
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