Fast Trak™

Do you have technical data to support this product?
Yes, you can download the Fast Trak submittal pack alongside approval certifications from the ‘downloads’ tab on the Fast Trak product page, or alternatively, from the ‘My Gripple’ login area.
I don’t want to use your product on part of the job, and traditional methods on the rest...
Fast Trak comes in a variety of size specifications, with bracket lengths ranging from 309 mm to 959 mm, and track lengths in 284 mm or 534 mm sizes. These size variations are designed to suit the majority of applicable installations.
I’m not sure how to lay out the Fast Trak system on my installation
Gripple has an in-house technical services team which offers an Installation Design service; project drawings can be sent to us and the team will advise on the most suitable layout, clash detection and the exact quantity requirement. In addition to this service, we also provide on-site training which is a good time to troubleshoot any perceived issues during the initial installation.
It doesn't look strong enough
With a single point load of 90 kg and a load of 180 kg per system (3:1 SWL), Fast Trak has all the strength required to install electrical containment, rectangular ductwork and pipework.
It seems expensive
Fast Trak is an added value product which will actually deliver significant labour savings based on faster installation times. More efficient use of labour, coupled with Fast Trak’s delivery as a ready-to-use installation kit without an abundance of components will ensure savings on the project.
It takes too long to install
Fast Trak is up to six times faster to install when compared to traditional channel and rod methods.
Who else is using Fast Trak?
This system is brand new to the market, but our other product lines are in use on prestigious projects across the globe. You can view our range of case studies by visiting 'The Gripple Showcase' on our 'About us' page
Why should I use a new product when I’m happy with existing methods?
Fast Trak delivers many benefits which far exceed those of traditional systems – namely the time to install, which is up to six times faster than channel and threaded rod; it’s delivery as a pre-fabricated solution, removing the need for cutting, filing and hot work permit requirements on-site; it’s simple, tool free adjustment during install, and the carbon efficiencies achieved by supplying the product in compact kits, ready-to-use on site. Fast Trak is a more attractive solution because it will facilitate swifter project completion, vastly reduce on-site health and safety concerns and align with increasingly stringent ‘green’ targets,
Your system has too many pieces
Our system comprises a bracket and two tracks which is actually fewer components than traditional solutions - usually a piece of strut with two pieces of rod, nuts, bolts and washers.