UniGrip - QT

Have you just used plastic to save cost?
Plastic has been used because it is the most suitable material for the requirement (i.e. button for adjustment and housing for the wedges within the housing which grip the wire). We could have used metal for these components, but this would not have improved the functionality of the product. With regards to the button, the use of metal would actually hinder the proficiency of the product as the shape would have been squarer, with sharper edges, which could have caused injury if repeatedly pressed with the same finger.
How do I use it?
Whilst UniGrip is intuitive and easy to use, instructions are included in every bag of product and indicate how the product should be installed. If you require further assistance, please contact our technical team or your local Gripple sales representative.
How is it any different to Trapeze Plus or Trapeze?
UniGrip is a product range that encompasses the key benefits of both the two previous Trapeze product ranges and rationalises these into a comprehensive, value added product range for all existing applications. The range features higher load ratings; versatility - more foot attachments to cater for applications more specifically; more ergonomic adjustment; lighter and easier to use on-site
Is it available in black?
A limited black range of UniGrip will be available in early 2018.
Is it fire rated?
No, but the Trapeze Plus with stainless steel wire is suitable for fire rated applications and is still available. UniGrip has been tested to its safe working load at 220˚c so is suitable for high temperature environments/applications.
It seems expensive...
UniGrip, like the rest of the Gripple range, is an added value product which will actually deliver significant labour savings based on faster installation times. More efficient use of labour, coupled with UniGrip’s delivery as a ready-to-use installation kit without an abundance of components will ensure savings on the project. Additionally, for customers who have previously bought the standard Trapeze or Trapeze Plus products, UniGrip has been specifically designed to consolidate the core competencies of both products, while improving on functionality and load performance. Within this context, UniGrip is a cheaper option.
Plastic can’t be as strong as steel, like the Trapeze Plus?
UniGrip is actually stronger than Trapeze Plus! The plastic components in UniGrip are not load bearing, so have no impact on the strength of the product. In terms of maximum load rating, UniGrip is twice as strong as Trapeze Plus.
Who else is using this product?
UniGrip has already been used on a number of installation projects. Additionally, Trapeze and Trapeze Plus have been widely used for mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations for over 15 years. Our case studies can be viewed by clicking 'About Us' and selecting 'The Gripple Showcase'.
Won't the plastic break?
The plastic components are non-structural i.e. once load is applied, (in extreme cases, as an example), the plastic components could break/melt away and this would have zero impact on the product or the services it is suspending. Additionally, we have used acetal for these components, which is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability. It is often used in mechanical gears, furniture and electrical engineering (insulators/connectors).