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Black Suspension Solutions

A ready-to-use black wire suspension kit, bringing enhanced suspension aesthetics to a variety of services such as retail, theater, concert halls and exhibition spaces.

  • Sleek - ideal for projects where improved aesthetics are required, e.g. retail spaces, theatres, exhibitions and concert halls
  • Discreet - suspension 'disappears' into the roof space or exposed area
  • Quick - up to six times faster to install, when compared to traditional methods
  • Non-hazardous - blackening process uses inert, harmless chemicals 
  • Versatile - available in ready-to-use kits complete with hanger, black wire rope in lengths of 1-5 m as standard, and a choice of End Fixings 
  • Safe - load ratings, ranging from 10-325 kg with up to 5:1 SWL, to suit a variety of applications
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Complete Solutions For Your Project

Our products are supplied as kits - you have a choice of wire length, end fixing and accessories specific to your project.

  • 10M
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 4M
  • 5M
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Where there is no suspension point available to suspend building services, we offer the Gripple Catenary system - in use on a range of projects across the globe - which creates new, secure overhead spans by running wire between two fixing points. Available in 'light duty' D3 and 'heavy duty' D6 options, the wire is anchored at both ends of the span, offering multiple suspension points across the full length of the wire, using the innovative, twist-on C-Clip.

The catenary system offers you a substantially quicker installation when compared to the traditional channel and bracket solution, while also being considerably lighter, reducing the loads imposed on a building structure.

Delivered in ready-to-use kits, the system is easier to store on site and delivers health and safety benefits on your install by vastly reducing time spent working at height.

Gripple have been awarded the Queens Award