K9 Training Facility

Bombard Mechanical used Fast Trak to install VRF services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Building Type: Concrete
  • Main Contractor: Bombard Mechanical 
  • Building Structure: Concrete Frame 
  • Services: VRF Installation
“With all the copper line sets, short drop lengths, and long runs it's a perfect set up for us.”-
Joe Hanley, General Superintendent, Bombard Mechanical

The contractor, Bombard Mechanical, was tasked with installing VRF systems for a K9 Training Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bombard was looking for a custom solution that would work with copper line sets, short drop lengths, and long runs. 

Traditionally, the project would take them 60 minutes to install each line set due to having various cushion clamp sizes. They found that by using the one size fits all GC2 Clamp, they were free from having to determine OD cushion clamps sizes prior to installation.

They also utilized the Fast Trak System because the prefabricated system removed the need to cut threaded rod or channel on-site. The ends of each bracket feature indicators to offer reference points when marking fixing points on ceiling. Helping with easy measurement. 

Using both the Gripple GC2 Clamps and the Fast Trak system over the traditional method on this project saved them 4 weeks of installation time and $10,850 total savings. 


  Gripple Solution Traditional Method
Overview Fast Trak and GCS Clamps  All thread / Strut / Strut Clamps
Material Cost $4,995 $7,200
Installation time (hr) 10 days 4 weeks
Labor rate (per hour) $80/hour  $80/hour
Total labor cost  $6,400 $12,800
TOTAL COST  $11,395 $20,000
Tags: Building Services

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