Amazon, Coslada

The firm of engineering consultants used suspension-system Gripple for the Electrical, Lighting and Air-Conditioning Installation of Amazon’s new building, in Coslada, in Spain.

“The key benefits of the use of Gripple suspension-system are the saves of material costs, installation time, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the short delivery times.”
  • Building type: Industrial building with 4 posts
  • Building structure: Light-frame construction and sloping roofs
  • Suspended services: Electrical, Lighting and Air-Conditioning

The industrial park in Coslada, northeast of Madrid, has welcomed the Amazon’s new industrial building. Located in the town of San Fernando de Hernares in Madrid and close from the airport Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez, Coslada is the perfect place for Amazon to expand its presence in Spain. From few years, Amazon has developed its network in Spain and created a thousand of new roles since it started operating in Spain at the end of 2011. The new building has been built in order to expand Amazon’s logistic center. The new building is 45 000 square meters big and offer more than 800 new positions.

Gripple has been contacted to suspend electrical, lighting, and air conditioning in order to ensure the light-frame construction and sloping roofs. For this installation, the Gripple CTI has been used. CTI product create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire rope between two fixing points. The CTI product is visually discreet, lightweight and easy to use, it can be fitted retrospectively. Then, another Gripple suspension product has been used: HF Express. The HF Express is fast suspension solution, up to 6 times faster to install than a traditional methods. The HF Express can be used by a variety of services.

The installation of the CTI and HF Express in order to suspend electrical, lighting and air conditioning allows to save of materials costs, installation time, and to reduce CO2 emissions comparing to a traditional method. Indeed, material cost is only 18 100 € comparing to 26 840 € for a traditional method. The easy and fast use of CTI and HF Express made the installation almost two times faster than a traditional method with metal brackets.

Tags: Building Services, Corporate, Events

  Gripple Solution Traditional method
Overview CTI - HF Express Metal Brackets
Material cost €18,100 26 840 €
Installation time 56 hours 80 hours
Labour rate (per hour) €18 €18
Total labour cost €1,008 €1,440
Total €19,108 €28,280

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