Cold Rooms


The sheer adaptability and overall strength of our products makes Gripple a key player in the cold room market. Large-scale refrigeration is made possible by creating a solid chamber in which the atmosphere can be isolated and cooled – therefore, a cold room is only as good as its construction. And for this, you need a suspension system you can rely on.

The renowned features of the Gripple Hanger Range mean our system is just the thing for suspending cold room ceilings. Being so much simpler to use than cumbersome rods and chains, our wire hangers make short work of repairing bowed and delaminated panels. Our lightweight system is not only fast and efficient to install, it also reduces your overall fuel and transport costs. Plus, it can be used at angles without the need for any additional bridging.

A number of accessories are available to make the job even easier, such as Wire Cutters, the Gripple Setting Key and the Torq Tensioning Tool. Perfect for anyone facing the problems of damp or high-humidity environments, we also have the Gripple Stainless Steel Range. Serving the cold storage industry with our experience and wisdom, we know that with Gripple you will always keep your cool.


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