Gripple Plus Used in Fencing


Our Gripple Plus range of wire joiners and tensioners adds ease and simplicity to the once-laborious chore of fence installation.

Impeccably designed for the tasks at hand, our products are engineered to suit your wire material (from mild-steel to high-tensile), your wire type (be it barbed or plain wire) and your chosen style of fence, including everything from all types of stock fencing to electric fencing.
Our patented push-fit system provides products that utilise ceramic rollers to actively grip the wire and allow more tension to be applied than ever before. The uniquely simple concept is as speedy as it is painless, creating a secure join that keeps your time, labour and hassle all to a minimum. By relinquishing the need for knotting and twisting, our solutions ensure the integral strength of the wire is never compromised.

As a forward-thinking and solution-driven company, we strive to make fence installation significantly less demanding on your resources by providing steadfast resolutions to your difficulties. The Contractor tool offers fencing professionals an effortless way to tension wire, whilst, the Torq tool is the made-to-measure accessory that allows you to tension and re-tension time after time. The T-Clip provides a quick and easy way to tie-off stock fencing, especially on horse or deer fences where space is tight and there are multiple line wires. Whatever your type of fencing, there’s a product to suit your every need.


Gripple T Clips used for fencing - Image 1
Gripple Barbed used for fencing
Gripple Contractor Tool used for fencing
Gripple Plus used for fencing
Gripple T Clips used for fencing - Image 2
Contractor Tool in action on fencing
Gripple Plus
Gripple products for stock fencing
Gripple products for stock fencing
Gripple T Clip used with barbed wire
Gripple Plus Used in Fencing


Gripple Products - Fencing Installation

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