Bracing used for stock fencing


Bracing is imperative for every fence – it’s required at both ends and for any considerable change of direction or angle in the fence, vertically or horizontally.

In contrast to the laborious counter-post method - much harder work all round and susceptible to movement depending on ground conditions – the tried-and-tested Gripple technique is the far superior option. Our bracing range offers a variety of solutions depending on the load required. Quick to install and with significantly less physical effort, they offer a professional look and remain secure and stable under all conditions.

Evolved over the years from a combination of different techniques, the GPAK offers the key to an unwavering, long-life fence. If a higher load is required, we recommend the Dynamic, which can be locked in place to give security and longevity. To install, create a choke-knot by passing the fused end through the pre-ferruled loop of the wire rope, then thread the wire through the first channel in the Gripple, up to and around the top of the opposite post, and then back through the second channel of the Gripple. Both products can be easily tensioned with a Contractor tool.

GPAK fence bracing


GPAK fence bracing
Fence bracing
Close up of the G PAK
Fence bracing for stock fencing
G PAK for bracing and anchoring
Bracing for wire fencing
Gripple bracing for wire fence
G PAK complete bracing kit
Agricultural fence bracing
Wire tensioner fence bracing
Reliable fence bracing
GPAK - Heavy galvanising for extra protection
Bracing used for stock fencing


Fence bracing - Gripple GPAK
Brace a fence - Gripple GPAK

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